A Girl with Determination


“If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”– African Proverb

One Sunday morning last year, a young girl walked into the Children of Grace office. She was sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down her beautiful face. When we asked her why, she told us, heartbroken, that she had no way to go to secondary school, even though she was the highest performing student in her primary school.

COG’s scholarship program could only accommodate 12 students at the time, and when we told her that, her eyes welled up with more tears.

“I just want to go to school,” she told us.

We were inspired by this young student’s determination, and expanded our program to give her the opportunity she so desired; education.

One year later from that day in the office, we are blown away by her achievements at Amazima Secondary School.

At their annual awards night on Wednesday, she was presented with the following, highly coveted awards:

  • The Katie Davies Majors Award (This is the highest award one can get at Amazima)
  • Academic Excellence Award (for performing the best in academics)
  • Bible Award
  • Mathematics award (for the best performance in mathematics)
  • Honor Role Award
  • Mental Mathematics Competition Champion

Her name is Rizan Nakato, and she is a true example of what happens when you invest in girls education.

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